The darker side of replica designer handbags

October 10, 2019


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Replica bags are a copy of original products; they have also known as a clone fake and mirror product of new and premium products. They, save huge bucks as they are very cheaper as compared to the original one. As we all know that handbags are essential and trendy things to carry along with you. So that it can make your look sharper and better. But on the contrary side, there are many disadvantages of replica bag are also exists.

Cons of replica handbags

Ill-legal– one of the most promising factors which bring these bags down is there statutory factors. In majorly every country these bags are ill-legal, and there is a ban on their sale. Because they are almost lookalike of original and branded products that violate the rule of the trademark. And in much country law suggest that if you found buying these products, along with seller you will also be arrested and beautiful will be imposed on you as well.

No guarantee– if anyone is spending their hard-earned money to buy any product, and then defiantly they want a fixed duration guarantee period from the seller. What if at that particular time the product will face any problem then there will be replacement or money will be refunded. But in this case, the sellers may give a guarantee of a single minute. As you purchased the product and you step out from there shop, therefore then all product is yours, and no guarantee is given.

Killing anyone’s hard work- we all know that how much it takes in making one designer bag. They work so hard on the design, material, fabrics that almost each designer bag takes nearly one month to build. But these replica handbags are just a copy of the final product. This seems to be very unfair with the designers who have worked so hard on that product.