Pink is spreading smiles and lights all over the world! Check the points mentioned below:

December 11, 2019


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The pink pill is a self-improvement course, which is helping people globally; Christelyn karazin invents this course. She is a black woman, and she can understand how it feels when someone is trolling you or pulling your leg. These things have a significant impact on someone’s life. Black women were treated fewer humans, and they got trolled because of their color. Due to this Chirstelyn karazin has raised her voice from the side of those women who are unable to speak for their selves.

The pink pill is the course, which is helping to boost their confidence and helping them to become a better person than the previous one. Self-improvements start with an acknowledgement of one’s imperfections and shortcomings, that how can start being confident with it instead of regretting. Following things will help you to know more either you can visit here

Find the right mentor:

Finding the right mentor for the guidance is enough, as they will guide to be happier instead of regretting. You should be thankful to god for whatever he has given to you, do not regret anything, and try to overcome it. The right mentor will effectively teach you these things.

Stay honest with yourself:

Nobody can help you until you are not confident or happier with yourself. If you want to do something, you should be very clear what goal you want to achieve, whether it is a confidence boosting or any other self-improvement course.

Inspire yourself:

You should let yourself inspire with things around whether humans or animals you need to motivate yourself with the surroundings so that you will be able to learn how to happy without any reason this will help you to get over the hurdle you are facing in your life.

Set your goals:

You should be very clear to yourself when it comes to achieving goals; firstly, you need to set your goals and later on work on the things that you desire. This will make your life happier and positive.