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Switching power supplies- Learn to repair the power supply easily in your system

February 20, 2020


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If the power supply in your system got damages and due to which the supply in the PC gets stopped, then this might be the best article for you. You will get to learn various things like what are the components in the SMPS that needs to be repaired. The main work of the power supply is to receive the supply and filter it so that your system can run well on it. You can troubleshoot the problem so that you might get to know about the primary cause. Learning to repair switching power supplies doesn’t have to be overwhelming; that is why this article is best for you. You will get to learn various easy steps of repairing.

Here are the steps if the circuit is the primary issue

After troubleshooting you if the circuit attached to the board comes out to be the primary issue, then here are some steps you can follow for repairing. Here are some steps for you-

  1. Removal of the mosfet- Firstly, you need to pull out the mosfet from the board and diagnose it carefully.
  2. Replacement- It is to be sure that mosfet would be the reason for the circuit. You can find the best replacement for the mosfet. After finding, you should replace it immediately.
  3. Change in rectifier- After replacing the mosfet there is one more thing you need to take care of that is the rectifier on the board. You need to change it so that you can accomplish some of the success.
  4. Investigate other parts- It is a secondary option as you should consider it if you do not want any further issues. You should check out if there is any other part that looks suspicious and if there is, then you should replace it.
  5. Turn on the smps- After replacing all the faulty elements, you should turn on the smps so that you can get to be sure about the repair. If it is working perfectly, then it means you have accomplished the success. Thus, your system will be going to run smoothly again.